Brain Droppings

1.) Was this Nicklas Lidstrom’s last game?

2.) Does Alexander Radulov try to get out of his KHL contract now?

3.) Has Roberto Luongo played his way out of Vancouver?

4.) If – IF – the Pens get out of this series alive, is Jordan Staal their frontrunner for Conn Smythe?

5.) Are the L.A. Kings nervous about their own series security watching the Pens starting to mount a comeback?

6.) Can you ever remember a playoffs when there was less attention paid to the Washington Capitals?

7.) Despite them “cheating” their way into the playoffs (Come on, admit it – you’d have been fine had it been your team to snag a player of Radulov’s quality before the playoffs), how great is it to see Nashville be the first to punch their ticket to the second round?

8.) How awesome is it to see so much playoff coverage on NBC networks?

9.) All due respect to Chicago, because I really like them, but how hard are you pulling for the perennial underdog in Phoenix?

10.) Are the Penguins in the Flyers’ head now? Claude Giroux certainly seems to suggest it:


  1. Pennsyltuckyan says:

    That gif is awesome! And as for #9, NBC is incredible. ESPN has to be kicking themselves for not locking up the NHL broadcast contract when they had the chance.

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